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Frequently Asked Questions



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Originals Or OEM

Please note that most, if not all original manufacturers have now stopped making styli for their record players. The styli we supply are therefore NOT ORIGINALS unless specifically stated.

Our styli are made in our factories in the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan to the highest possible original manufacturers specifications and are as good as if not better than the originals.

As a further point of reassurance, we have sold these for over 25 years and all our styli are supplied with a 30 days warranty.

If however you are unhappy in any way with your purchase, we will offer a full refund including your return postage.

Your statutory rights are not affected.


All parcels are sent via Royal Mail Inland Delivery or where applicable by Royal Mail International Airmail Delivery. 

Please allow 5 - 7 (working) days for your delivery and make allowances for Weekends, Public, Easter and Christmas holidays or prolonged adverse weather conditions or any Industrial Disputes in the Royal Mail Network or any delays caused by Customs Security Scans in the recepient country.

Any shortages, damages and or non receipt of goods must be notified to us by email within 14 days of the dispatch date. The aforementioned events not withstanding.

Your new stylus will arrive in a small jiffy bag with your Invoice stuck on the front of it so please ensure that you retain the Invoice for future reference.

Take the old stylus from the Record Player and place it close to the new one which will be in a clear transparent plastic box to check for resemblance.

Do Not Unpack the new stylus till you are satisfied that the old & the new styli match for shape & size - Failure to comply with this instruction will render your goods un-returnable for exchange or refund.


If for any reason you find that your order is not the correct stylus, then within 14 days of purchase, we will be more than happy to replace the stylus to equal value provided the goods remain in their Original Condition, Unopened, Unused and in a Re-Sellable Condition and returned with your original invoice.

Please contact us for a Returns Authorisation Number before returning any goods.

Do Not return goods without a Returns Authorisation Number.

Goods returned without an Authorisation Number and Instructions will simply be returned unactioned.

Do Not (Repeat - Do Not) return goods without a Returns Authorisation Number. 



Value Added Tax (VAT) is chargeable by Law to all our products for delivery addresses in the United Kingdom and European Union (EEC) countries.

Our website will calculate the correct VAT element of your order at the 'Checkout' stage of the order process.

For orders with delivery addresses outside of the United Kingdom and EEC countries, our website will exempt this tax at the 'Checkout' stage of the order process.

What Is A Stylus

A stylus, styli or needle as it is commonly known is a piece of plastic which contains a needle (cantilever) and fits into a cartridge located at the front end of the record player arm. The 'needle' is fitted to the plastic body with high precision engineering and must not be touched as it can be easily dislodged and or damaged. The point of the needle or cantilever is tipped with a diamond or sapphire to make it last longer. The needle tracks the sound contained in the grooves of the record as it spins on the platter. The cantilever or needle creates high velocity vibration as it tracks the record. This vibration is subsequently transmitted via the cartridge, amplifier and finally to the speakers. Due to friction between the point of the needle and the grooves in the records, the stylus will eventually wear out. The best way to judge the replacement of the stylus is when your records sound unnaturally muffled or you hear excessive crackling.

What Is A Headshell

At the front end of the record player arm there will be a headshell. The headshell is fitted to the end of the arm to enable easy lifting of the arm to place it gently on to the record as it spins on the platter. Some automatic record players however may not have this as the machine does it by itself.

What Is A Cartridge

A cartridge is fitted underneath the headshell or at the front end of the turntable arm. There are many types of cartridges. The most common ones are moving magnet, moving coil, V shaped magnet, twin magnet and ceramic.

The cartridge is engineered to pick up the smallest of vibrations from the point of the needle which is fitted on the stylus.

Some record players have four wires leading from the front end of the record player arm. If the cartridge is being upgraded or changed, the four wires are reconnected as follows:

Viewing from the rear end of the cartridge facing you:

Top Left Plug: Left Output - White Wire

Top Right Plug: Right Output - Red Wire

Bottom Left Plug: Left Ground - Blue Wire

Bottom Right Plug: Right Ground - Green Wire 

How To Change A Stylus

1. Place the record player at head height.

2. Remove the old stylus:

The are many different types of styli and methods of assembly. However the most common way to replace a stylus is to hold it between the forefinger and thumb and  gently pull the front end of the stylus downwards and towards yourself. Please note that if the old stylus has not been changed for many years it may need a gentle sideways rock or twist. Do not use excessive force as the cartridge may get dislodged from the headshell or get damaged.

3. Replace new stylus:

Hold the new stylus between your forefinger and thumb without touching the needle and reverse the procedure as above.

How To Change A Record Player Drive Belt

1 Switch the turntable off at the mains.

2 Remove the slip mat off the platter.

3 Lift the platter off the spindle.

4 Remove the old belt from the record player.

5 Turn the platter upside down and measure the diameter of the inner rim in millimeters.

6 Measure the width of the old belt in millimeters or in the absence of the old belt, measure the approximate width of the spindle on the drive shaft on the motor. Usually this is between 2 - 5 mm.

7 Match the diameter and width on our website to order your replacement drive belt.

8 On receipt of the new belt, place it flat on the inner rim of the platter.

9 Turn the platter the right way up and guide it gently back on to the spindle on the record player.

10 The platter is usually designed with at least one or two holes in it. Wedge a biro between the belt and the rim through one of the holes and stretch the belt with the biro so that it fits over the drive shaft of the motor.

11 Replace the slip mat.

How To Stop The Stylus From Skating Across The Records

If your record player arm is fitted with a counter weight at the back end of the arm, try adjusting this by quarter to half point at a time.

This normally cures the problem if the stylus is in good condition.

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